Furst Night Gathering Report

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As usual Furst Night was a blast. Thirteen furs and friends attended Pittsburgh’s First Night Celebration including Ahzanti, Scales, Xavier, Flanowa, Red, Woofie, Nancy, Jon, Quicksilver, my mom and dad, Silaria and I.

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Say hello to the new website!

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Welcome to the Pennsylvania Furries website! This website was built with the Drupal publishing system. Some reasons that Drupal was chosen over other Content Management Systems include:

  • Forums that are integrated with the rest of the website. No need to create a seperate account just to get into the forums.
  • The ability to leave comment on nearly any page on the site. Even this one!
  • Drupal lets you "promote" any article or forum post to the front page. This is useful when someone announces an upcoming furmeet to give it additional exposure.
  • There are some really neat modules available for Drupal that can be used to add more features to the website.

Enjoy the new website, feel free to lend a paw, and please let us know what you think!

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