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Hello from Henryville!

Tue, 2018-08-14 21:36

Hello everyone! My name is Samm, you can call me that or Ocelot, Jaylin, Erin, Minx, Pigment, or anything based on my name or my characters. 

I'm 16 years old, currently stalling to get my permit. I'm in Henryville, which is off of Tannersville in Monroe County. I'm near stroudsburg, mount pocono, ext. 

I joined to meet other furs, I've only ever met furs through online platforms like Amino. Maybe i'll eventually schedule a meet, but for now looking for anyone in a 30 min or closer distance to chat with! Cant wait to meet people!


To talk to me, i'm on discord at Enchanted_Ocelot#3082 and on furry amino as WhiskerWorkshop

New here; aroo and hi!

Thu, 2018-08-09 00:54

Salutations! My name is Nick, but I go by Yoteface most of the time. I'm from the Gettysburg/Bonneauville area, and would love to find furs to hang out with if any are around. My fursona is 88% coyote, probably 9% bat, trace amounts of dragon, and 2% portobello mushroom. I am a bit of a goof, as you may have analyzed by the aforementioned statement. And if you noticed that that doesn't equal 100%, well...I'm not all there

I've been qualifiable as a furry pretty much for as long as I can remember [blame the fairytales and Disney movies], but never found out about the fandom or even the term 'furry' until I got to college. Since then, I've been a darn fool fur and there's no hiding it. Wish I had money for a fursuit, but uh, well, let's just narrow that down to wish I had money. Was delighted to attend Anthrocon this year and last, and plan to next ad infinitum!

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New Here

Wed, 2018-07-18 09:21

hello everyone. I’m Cheyenne, my fursona is Persephone (Persefane).
I live upstate PA literally about 10 minutes from NY.
I’ve sadly never been to a con before and I’m planning on going to GaoKon in Erie.
I hope to make some new friends! Have a furry day!

New Here!

Tue, 2018-07-17 23:53

My name is Zackie, and I live in Blair County north of Altoona. I'm not that willing to get much more specific with location.

I'm 18, Male (he/him), gay, single, fresh outta Highschool, and on my way to college for Engineering out in the Johnstown area (I move in in about a month, Not giving away what school). I'm a musician looking into music as a hobby project, and would love to have music friends to jam with every once in a while.

I got into furries in much the same way a lot of furries my age do: The Lion King.

I do not have a fursuit, nor do I have much art of my fursona. My ref sheet is free line art from Pirannah Petting Zoo Productions from like 2014, that I've designed and redesigned hundreds of time over the past 4 years.

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Moving to Pittsburgh from Mass

Sat, 2018-06-30 00:24

Ill be moving out to PA very soon,, I hope to get to know more furries out here.

New Arrival from Michigan

Sat, 2018-06-16 01:54

Hello everyone! I'm Epitome. I've just moved to the Pittsburgh area from Michigan earlier this month. I've been an active part of the furry community for about 4 years now. I am a writer by trade with a long-time love of anthropomorphic tales ever since I was a child. Likewise, I write children's literature in the same fashion. My day job is currently working as an adoptions counselor at one of the Pittsburgh animal shelters. 

In addition to the furry fandom, some of my other hobbies include writing (it goes without saying), wrangling my two house rabbits, binging anime, art doodles, and sewing fursuit accessories for my shop. 

I'm very excited to meet more furs in the area. So far, I only know one, and she's my roommate! I'm always open to chat. Feel free to hit me up on telegram. @epitomefox


Sat, 2018-06-09 10:55

Well here goes nothing

Wed, 2018-06-06 15:06

Hey guys, My name is Loveless or Keith, I am a Fox-dragon, a little about my human, i am an 18 year who at the time of writing this just graduated high school and is excited to head to college at Penn College (for computer programming). Something about me hmm I'm an avid gamer and love playing CSGO and watching the pros (GO c9). I'm also a huge flyers fan and will be wearing a Flyers jersey one day when I go to Pittsburg for AC (don't care how they do compare to the pens). I live in Lancaster with my parents because like I said before I'm a student so don't really have the money to live on my own. One thing about me is I've only been a furry for only about a year (of writing this) and i can say I wish i found this loving community earlier in my life, I love it in the fandom.

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Mon, 2018-06-04 21:14

Hello. I'm Typhoid Mike I guess lmao i'm pretty bad at making usernames. anyway i'm currently a student at Edinboro university in the jewelry making/metalsmithing program. Like I've said in my bio I'm currently really into raising metal vessels, the whole process of turning a flat sheet of metal into something that creates a space is very exciting to me. I've been into Furry stuff since high school but I didn't allow myself to explore that interest until this year, I'm also going to Anthrocon this year and i'm in the process of making a partial suit, but whether or not I wear it depends on how it turns out lmao. My sona is a goat but i don't think I've got a name for them yet. yea other than that stuff I've been really into the band Snail Mail recently, she's dropping a new album in a couple days that's looking like it's gonna be great plus she'll be in Pittsburgh on the 12th and I'm gonna try to go see her. Very Exciting Stuff. 

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Introductions, Eh? :3

Fri, 2018-06-01 22:48

I am.. So very, very awful at introductions. But I shall TRY.

Hi there! I go by Galaxy, Kat, or my real name, Amber. But really, I leave it to you to make a nickname for me :P 

I'm originally from Michigan, but I am VERY MUCH looking to move to Lancaster, PA within the year. Any tips for me for soon to be Pennsylvania living? Does anyone close by need a roomate (please lol)? I'm ALL EARS.

As for about me.. I love anything animation. I draw ( is where i post almost everything), I RP, and I'm starting to dabble in making fursuits. I also am part of the staff for Motor City Furry Con, working Artist Alley and making sure all artists are being taken care of C:

I love amusement parks and waterparks.. but please don't make me go on roller coasters 8C I'm a bit of a homebody, but I'm up for meets, and always up for making new friends! I guess this is why i joined this place ahah. 

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New in Town, Hello!

Tue, 2018-05-29 19:47


Hi everyone! So, fair warning, I'm not
great at introductions but I'll do my best here. My furry name is
Tsteu, but often I go by “Sue”, or “Tetsu”, or anything really, since I know its
hard to pronounce. I just moved to the Philadelphia area from the
"great" state of Wisconsin. I don't really know anyone in the area,
and was hoping to meet some of you fluffy butts while I'm here. I'm
currently 24, and a full time graduate school student, pursuing my
Doctor of Physical Therapy degree.


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How's it going?

Sat, 2018-05-26 00:29

Where to start...

I wouldn't say I'm new to the fandom at all. In fact, I've been a furry for 6 years. Currently 19, I've had this account for a long time, but never used it much. I'm trying my best to get back into it, so let's give it a shot.

I have multiple fursonas. My original, and first one being Mopar, whom I also deemas Aiden as well. Simple fox, quirky, outgoing, a major gearhead fur, but also someone that you don't want to get on his bad side. He has have a lot of things done wrong to him, and he's not afraid to bite back.

A WIP I have now is WS7. A simple tribute to a car that (I) grew up around and loved, and still love to this day: A Pontiac Trans Am in the WS6 package. Since Pontiac is no longer around, and the Trans Am is deemed dead, WS7 was created on a figment on (My) thoughts and memories. A tribute to the good times.

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Hello to everyone

Tue, 2018-05-22 23:29

Hello everyone!  I wouldn't say that I'm entirely new to furries, becuase my old highschool friend intoduced me to them a few years back when she became more interested in them.  I've drawn a few fursonas, but I've really only started considering the idea of making a suit now.  I realize there's more to the fandom than the costumes, but that's really the part that I'm interested in!  It's like being a stuffed animal superhero.  No one knows your identity excpet you and those who you reveal it to!  Unfortunately that's probably going to have to be how it is for me.  My family has heard of furries before, but I'm not too keen on letting them know I want to start trying to make the darn costumes, let alone get involved with a bunch of others who do the same thing.  Not sure whether they'd react good or bad.  I just don't want to chance it.  So yea, secret identity. haha

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