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Introducing Myself

Thu, 2018-11-15 11:13

Hello everyone! My name is Cole, and I have been in the community for a while, and wish I had found this site sooner. My fursona is a domestic pig whom, while I don't have any art of him yet, was always conceived as being done in the style of the Donald Duck Comics. My favorite book is Journey  t o the West, My favorite TV show is the original DuckTales, and my favorite video game franchise is Spyro The Dragon. I look forward to making some more local friends in the coming weeks.


New here

Sun, 2018-10-14 16:01

Hmm let's see what to put here, not good with introductiona so bear with me.

Names I go by: Solar/Sol, yes my name is a contradiction, who ever heard of a solar midnight hehe.

Let's see what else, oh my sona is a deer.

My hobbies are are not much cause I work, I mostly play video games on my xbox, mostly siege (not good btw)

New Lynx on the scene. Hello all~

Mon, 2018-09-10 21:03

Hi I'm really bad at this! I just moved to Pittsburgh for school a week and a half ago. I've been loving the city so far but I'm looking to make some new friends too!


The basics: 24/F/Artist/Lynx-saber tooth hybrid.

I go by Harlow/Tiff/Hax/Synth/Kitten/Roo. (My old sona used to be a roo)

I've been an artist since I was 12, I've been drawing furries since I was 14, I joined the fandom at 15/16, then started offering commissions at 18. I don't currently have a suit but I would love to get/make one.


About me: I tend to be very laid back and relaxed. I enjoy talking about anything and everything. I love cuddles, drawing, animals, and video games! I tend to have a very dark sense of humor, but I do my best to be respectful. I have no patience for people trying to pull me into drama against my will. I will fight through hell and back for my friends. I don't hate anyone unless given a reason, and I don't judge.

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Introduction #3!

Sun, 2018-09-09 20:10

Hello fellow furs of Pennsylvania!

My name is Alex but within the fandom I go by Arid.

I'm a 16 (soon 17) year old furry clarinetist from Ardmore. I have lived here since 2009 but I've lived in the state, mostly within Greater Philadelphia, my entire life. Perhaps 2-3 times a year I am in Lancaster County, where I lived for a year, visiting family.

My hobbies include playing and listening to various types of music, watching auto racing, casual gaming, map viewing and being out and about.

I have not been to a furry convention yet but the closest I have come was a gaming convention in my area this past June where I saw 3 fursuiters after never having seen one in my life.

I am somewhat socially impaired by my high functioning autism. If I act strangely at all or seem to have limited interest in conversation that may be why. (And also apparently that could be why my writing could be made out as "professional" in a sense.)

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