Vik 'n' Kit's Third Annual Anthrocon House Party

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06/30/2017 4:00 pm
07/01/2017 3:00 am

Dance Hello once again, my wondrous fuzz-butts! Dance

Vik Nightfox of Furocity Radio here, bringing you another piece of exciting news! Another awesome house party is being set up for Anthrocon 2017, and you all are invited!

Exclamation Mark Now, for those who followed the party last year, you may have heard of an incident that occurred in which police were called. I received word that quite a few people did not come due to the police presence, and before I continue, I would like to address that. The incident in question was a direct result of drunken neighbors and misunderstandings. The neighbors in question caused a decent amount of damage around my property as well as shouted numerous threats and when the police were called (by neighbors), people just showing up were letting people know not to come before turning around, as they were unsure what was going on. Rest assured, the cops were NOT called on this residence or anyone within it, or any of the party guests. This incident will NOT be occurring again, either, as the guilty party no longer resides next door or even in this state any longer. If you still have any concerns, by all means let me know. I will be more than happy to address them.

NOW THEN! On to the reason we are here, yeah? The party itself! Party

Even with the insanity last year, the party was a complete success. We had another thirty people show up and stay throughout the night, and there was a lot of fun, new friendships, and great food! For those of you who were here, you may remember that last year was chock full of great Italian cuisine, and this year, we have decided to change it up yet again! What is the food this year, you ask?

Shinies!/Oooooo/love IT'S LATIN NIGHT! Shinies!/Oooooo/love

Yes, oh yes, ladies and gents. It's gonna be one hell of a fiesta here at the Nightfox household! Kit has elected to cook a variety of amazing Latin dishes with various cultural representations from Mexican to Cuban and even a few countries in between! This has me SO excited, that even I am considering bringing my Cuban heritage to the forefront and cooking some awesome steak that I know you will all love! Not only that, but expect a variety of activities to keep us entertained, as well as great tunes! As before, we hope to break our attendance record, and so we bring this post to inform you all as well as hopefully get you all to share it!

THIS EVENT IS OPEN TO ALL! Bring yourself, your friends, your partners, random furs throughout the convention, EVERYONE! However, you MUST RSVP so we know how many to expect! There are plenty of spots to park a vehicle, and I can even act as a shuttle for three or four people at a time, so there is no excuse to miss this one! However, due to the sheer number of people that we expect to attend, here are some things we are establishing so we don't go absolutely broke!

First off, there is a conditional cover charge of $10. This meager fee includes food, alcohol, and general use of our house and our properties. However, yes, I DID say "conditional", didn't I? Well, check it out!

If you just wanna come eat and drink and have fun, the cost is $10 AT THE DOOR!
If you bring some foodstuffs like plasticware, snacks, soda, juice, whatever, the cost DROPS to $5!
If you bring a bottle of liquor, case of beer, bottle of wine, etc....IT'S ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Please, keep in mind that this IS a PER-PERSON charge! The cover helps pay for all the food we are making, the liquor we ourselves buy, the utility usage, and any and all damages that may occur (as drunkenness often leads to accidents). But we figured that people who bring things should get a break, because they spent their money to make it even better.

Now, of course, we couldn't just have a party simply with food and booze. Gotta have fun, too! Well, guess what, guys? We've got tons of stuff for everyone to enjoy and relax to! Check it out!

1. Music will be playing throughout the house AND outside! You will definitely hear something different depending on where you are!

2. We will be playing movies on both our TV AND outdoor projector!

3. We have a fire pit in the backyard for people to sit around and chat and enjoy being surrounded by nature!

4. For our 420 furriends, we will have a dedicated smoke area where you can bring some stuff to add to the pile and enjoy one of our many pieces, including gasmasks, bubblers, glassware, and even some monsters! (Please keep all this activity to the designated area, as we want to be considerate to our non-smoking buddies!)

5. We have a small section of the backyard that will be devoted to AIRSOFT AND ARCHERY! Because what goes better with alcohol than BBs and pointy things?!

Best of all, the party is not a set-in-stone, this-is-all-we-can-do thing! If you have an activity people can participate in, bring it! If you wanna DJ, bring your equipment and we'll get you set up somewhere! If you want to just laze about and do nothing but eat and drink, you can do so! The choice is yours!

That being said, there are a few rules to follow.

1. This is an 18-and-Over party, due to the activities that will be taking place. Exceptions CAN be made, but they are on a case-by-case basis and MUST be pre-approved. No cubs showing up at the door will be allowed in unless they have been pre-approved, NO EXCEPTIONS.

2. If something is going on that you don't feel comfortable with, let us know! We will help in any way we can.

3. NO HARASSING ANYONE! This includes verbal, physical, sexual, or any other form. This is meant to be a fun and laid-back party for us all to kick back and enjoy some down time!

4. Anyone in Fursuit has movement priority! It's hard to see in those things, so let them by and help them if they need it!

5. Be gentle with our Husky! He is excitable and we want him to feel comfortable and not scared, so approach him slowly and gently, and yes, he is a nibbler! So the calmer you are and the less you squeeze him or mess with him, the less likely anything will happen.
I'd say be careful with our cats, but they are cats. They'll run off if anything. xD

6. If you're gonna puke, do it in the grass! If you can't make it to the grass, use a trash can or the toilet upstairs!

7. HAVE A DESIGNATED DRIVER AVAILABLE! We can handle a couple furs crashing here, but not many! Be sure you have a safe way back to your hotel or home. IF YOU DO NOT, WE WILL CALL YOU A TAXI. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Now that that has all been said, I can give you all the information regarding the party! Wanted to make sure you actually read to this point.

When: Friday, June 30th

Time: A little trickier. Food will be served later in the night, but we welcome people to start showing up as early as 4PM! It will run until everyone leaves!

Where: 907 Berry Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15204

Parking: Starts at empty lot on the side of our house, will stretch to other areas if needed.

If you do not have a ride and need one, or want to use the bus, or just have a few questions, please let me know either via e-mail ( ) or via phone ( 412-712-4379 ) and I can either help or give you all the information you need.

I look forward to seeing all of you then!

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Sounds fun, maybe I can make it  Party

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snail <3

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