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Last seen: 4 weeks 2 days ago
Joined: 01/26/2016:31
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so Karoo's ex bf who has created more drama than me and karoo put together is moving here -.- (possibly) I'm here to warn you guys not insult him or his gf as i have in the past due to relentless harassment because I "disliked and trashed a suitmaker" that he happened to be friends with (but p much all this suit makers friends are a cult of 12-16 year-old whitenights so Heh) anyway his name is Aj his fursona is a black and purple panther called ray ... smh.. he legit called me a "greasy" "cunt" and a "nazi " when I haven't even supported nazis?? just used to like memes and jokes?? but have not made a nazi joke since idk mid 2014 to late 2015.. but yes apperently I'm the jerk because I called his rude friends out , who harass me or associate with terrible people who have caused me so much emotional stress it's getting to my physical health..

YES i am guilty in lots of ways

i HAVE threatened people under the age of 18

i HAVE called people horrible names

at one point i DID laugh at offensive jokes

and i'm NOT affraid to admit these things?? I just think I have the right to justify them because again I am under extreme family stress all the time from reasons that you will NEVER understand because you probably see me as just "that rich privileged kid" but there is WAY MORE to me that money status or drama anyhow

the harassment from multiple sources not only him but like 20 + people all because I TRASHED some kid's suit work... -.- like jesus give me a break ??? I'm really taking my life stress hard and sometimes I lash at people who I feel are doing things to hurt me . but NO i DONT do it because I'm aggressive I do most of things out of anxiety , stress, fear, and sometimes there's some anger involved. but i KNOW I am NOT innocent and I NEVER ONCE said i was lol

but for your safety I would avoid aj and pretty much any suiter who is associated with this certain maker ( because tons of them are problematic kids ), in fact just stay away from most young furs... or people who attack over stuff that doesn't concern them at all .

hope they don't move here but in case they do just avoid them so you don't get verbally abused to the point of cracking and fighting back. Smile

stay safe fuzzy budz

- Vasi da borzoi

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- Vasi~

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Last seen: 51 weeks 1 day ago
Joined: 07/29/2013:36
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local fur here in pitts. I tend to stand alone pretty much fine doing that big mama bird hold your head up kiddo you look for me and say hi if your at the con.

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