Former PA fur wanting to come back.

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Hello guys, been a while. I am in the middle of finding a new place to live and I want to come back to Pennsylvania. I currently live in central Texas but due to issues that had formed with the owner of the house and land me and my roommates live, I have till the end of next month to find a new place. There is no issues with the roommates, it lies with one of my roommates dad. My roommates are facing similar problems. I was living in Pittsburgh three and a half years ago but problems arose and I had to leave. I want to go back to Pittsburgh but I will also look at other parts of PA. I have plenty of job experience with restaurants so I can get a job easily. I do have a job right now at a chicken restaurant called Zaxby's  but it doesn't exist in Pennsylvania yet. I am trying to save up money between now and the end of next month. I am really good with chores, washing dishes, taking out the trash to name a few. If you want to speak to my roommates here, I can give ya their Skype. I will be hitting the ground running looking for a job as soon as I move in. Hope to hear from you guys soon and hopefully be back to the state I love.

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