Seff here -- Just moved to Pittsburgh from Oklahoma

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Hey fuzzies!

My name is Seff (real name Kyle) and I just moved here from Oklahoma to develop a new career. I graduated 2014 with an engineering degree and I've been doing environmental engineering for the past year or so. I scored an oilfield job, so I took it and now here I am in Pittsburgh as a result.

I'm 28 and I've been in the fandom for about 14 years now. I still remember VCL, Furnation, and SecondLife's furry halcyon days. My fursona is a cow/wolf hybrid; you can see pics here:

I am serously just trying to meet some people. Send me a message. Any message. Don't be afraid! I need people to show me sweet Pennsylvania stuff. I'm a pretty relaxed guy most of the time, but I can get excited about stuff if I want to. I like video games, but I don't have the time anymore to play them. I like doing outdoors stuff like hikes, kayaking, and paddleboarding. I like nightlife stuff but I'm not the best at chatting with random folks for hours and hours at bars and clubs. I like fancy beer and whiskey. I like dogs, photography, furry art, science, education, and people who do neat things.


Here's a picture a coworker took of me while we were checking out an old abandoned refinery for soil contamination:

Seff at Work


Say hello!

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Hey Seff and welcome to Western Pennsylvania!

A lot of the chatter has moved to Telegram groups, but this is still the place to go to keep up on the latest happenings in the state via our Event Calendar.  There's still some discussion from time to time, but overall things tend to be quiet.

Anthrocon is coming up in like two weeks and I believe we have a bowling meet this coming weekend on Saturday June 24 at Mt Lebonan AMF Lanes. (Check the event calendar for more info.)

Things are pretty active locally with small and large meets, so you'll have a good opportunity to meet folks in a comfortable environment.

Anyway, welcome to the area, best of luck with the new job, and we'll catch you around. Smile


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Swift Fox

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Former Chairperson of WPAFW ('01-'12)

Organizer of Pittsburgh First Night

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