Anthrocon 2017 Fursuit Photo Commissions Are Open!

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I'm doing fursuit photo commissions at Anthrocon again this year! I'm open for ten slots. Here are the details...

Price: $60 for a single suiter, $85 for couples, paid up front. This includes a $15 non-refundable deposit.

What you get:

  • Five guaranteed good shots that I process (full-sized, unwatermarked) as JPG files
  • JPGs of every shot I take (including copies of the processed ones), full-sized, unprocessed, and without a watermark
  • Note: I retain the rights to crop, watermark, and post any of the shots I take. 

Cancellation policy: As stated, the price includes a non-refundable deposit. If for some reason I miss our shoot and am not able to reschedule, I will give a full refund.

For examples of my work, check out my galleries...
Photo commissions from previous clients:
Furry Network:

Each session will take about half an hour. I take several shots and will have more than just the five shots that turn out really well. I highly recommend you have a handler with you, as we might need to cross a street or two to get to a good photo spot, and I don't have any handler experience. We may also need to move locations, depending on weather, too many people, etc. Location examples are: DLCC roof, DLCC garden, the riverside across from the convention center, a garden across from the Westin.

If you're interested, please send me a private message me here, Twitter, on FurAffinity/Weasyl/Furry Network, or message me on Telegram (same username), and we can work out a time and location. Payment must be done through PayPal before the convention; when we've confirmed the details of your shoot, I will ask for your PayPal information and will send you an invoice, which MUST be paid before Anthrocon begins (Thursday, June 29th). I CANNOT accept money at Anthrocon as I am not a dealer, I can only take the photos there. (I've been informed by a top member of Anthrocon staff that this is their policy and I could be banned for accepting money at the convention.)

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