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Hello everybody,

I'm Oki. I joined this site because I love this fandom, and to meet some new people.
I've been in this fandom for about 2 years now, but I've just been lurking up until October of 2016.
I love the amazing art this fandom creates. I've tried my hand at some myself; you can visit my Deviantart to see the shots I've taken at the whole furry art thing.
I don't have a fursuit, but would love to in the future.
I've attended Anthrocon 2017 as my first furry convention (and my first convention period!).
It was a BLAST! I went as Luigi; my biggest interest is in the Super Mario series.
I also enjoy video game design and video game development; I'm currently tinkering in Unity3D.
I like computers and technology as well - how they work and all that jazz.

And the rest is history! I look forward to making at least some awesome new friends on here in the future Laughing out loud

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I'm-a-Luigi, number one.