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Helloo everyone, my name's whizzer and this is my intro post!!

I'm a 17 year old (18 in 2 months!!) fur who's been in the fandom since I knew there was a name for it lol. My first con was AC 2012 and it changed my life!! i've been living in a world of fur ever since :3 I'm an artist and theatre fan, currently in high school and looking to go to art school after. I like to play video games casually, especially pokemon and animal crossing. I watch all kinds of cartoons and some anime, steven universe, south park, voltron: legendary defender, and yuri on ice are a few favorites of mine. A few of my favorite musicals are Falsettos, Jekyll and Hyde, and The Book of Mormon. I also collect animal skulls and own a big silly leopard gecko named Bucky! 

My introduction to the fandom came from my love of the Warrior Cats books and drawing my own characters!! I have 2 fursonas, Whizzer (red kitty with wings) and Apocalypse (big fluffy grey monster kitty). I also have a fursuit character called Ruby, and many, many, more oc's.

I'm hoping this site will help me connect with some local furs. Despite my many years in the fandom, i'm still relatively new to events and don't have any fur friends IRL. Sad

here's a little pic of me and my sonas!! i don't normally look so pale and big-eyed, theres a snapchat filter on this picture LOL. 

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