Return to Pittsburgh Dinner? Suiting Event?

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Deetz_Meerkat's picture
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So I'll be returning to Pittsburgh in April after a few long years away with the Navy. I was wondering if there is any interest in a return to the city meet. Should it be a dinner or a suiting event? I'll only be in town for about a month and have a lot of stuff to do with the family, most of them will be meeting my son for the first time, so I need a fairly decent idea of what to expect if I host this thing.

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It's still a ways out, but there will likely be the following events going on in April:

Victory Pointe - First Sunday
Fernando's Meet - Second Friday
Schenley Plaza Meet - Fourth Friday
Furbowl - Third or Fourth Saturday

Other than those staples, I'm sure some furs would totally be up for an additional meet during the month.

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Hey Deetz!

OMG, counting down the months right?  Stay safe in the meantime.

As for a "Welcome Back" or better yet "Meet the Meerkat" meet, I guess it all depends on the venue you pick whether or not fursuiting is appropriate or not.  April is hit and miss for outdoor events, and there's a limited number of indoor venues that are fursuit friendly.

You may be able to piggy back it onto an existing meet, but I recommend that you coordinate it with the event host before hand.

If that's not what you're looking for then maybe a DB meet? (Dave & Busters) Even though it's not a Fursuit friendly venue, it is ear and tail friendly.  There's decent food for a dinner event, along with other entertainment stuff to do.  It's been a while since someone organized a DB meet.

Anyway, that's my $.02. Be safe out there.


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Swift Fox

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I haven't seen you since FWA 2015?

I'll try to make it to whatever happens, but being so far away and no details yet it's hard to say for 100%.

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