Furries at 96.1 Kiss Stuff-A-Bus!

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11/27/2017 6:00 pm

Last year, we went to 96.1 KISS's annual charity, Stuff-A-Bus, and this year, we're gonna try to get a group of furries together to attend once again!

To those that aren't familiar with Stuff-A-Bus, it's a week-long charity for Toys for Tots, in which Mikey and Big Bob try to fill as many possible school buses as they can with toy donations!

This year, Stuff-A-Bus will be located in Robinson Town Centre, on the far left side, next to HomeGoods.

FURSUITING IS ENCOURAGED! Mikey, Big Bob, and the whole 96.1 Kiss staff
loved having the fursuiters there last year, and they even talked about
us on the radio - having suiters there makes people want to come out,
hang out, and donate! Also, fursuits keep you warm. Smile Make sure to
bundle up if you plan on hanging out!

We just ask that if you
come, please bring at least one BRAND NEW toy to donate. If you can't
afford much, consider stopping by Five Below in Settler's Ridge on your
way there to grab a $5.00 or less toy, plush, or board game!

Hope to see you all there! ♥
Let's get out there and support a great cause on Monday, November 27th. Smile

Link to Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1553602728016989/



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