FURCADE: A Monthly Victory Pointe Meetup! 1/7/18

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01/07/2018 2:00 pm

Join us on January 7th at 2:00 for our monthly Victory Pointe meetup!
ABOUT: Victory Pointe is a small arcade and chillspace in the South Side. They have arcade machines, console gaming, tabletop gaming, and even virtual reality! Feel free to bring your own tabletop games or art stuff, if you'd like to. Victory Pointe no longer offers a dining menu, but has a large menu of milkshakes and beverages. BYOB is offered for a small fee. More information can be found on http://www.victorypointe.com/
LOCATION: Victory Pointe is located right at the entrance of the South Side, at 1113 East Carson Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15203.
PRICE: Upon arrival, mention that you are with the furries for our group rate of $12.50 per person. This price grants you a wristband for all-day play. (These prices do not include beverages or virtual reality rental.)
PARKING: Street parking is available for free anywhere on the streets nearby, due to the event being held on a Sunday!
FURSUIT POLICY: Fursuits and other costumes are welcome! Partials are recommended. We do not have a designated changing/cooling area, but Victory Pointe has multiple bathrooms in which to get changed in, and we will have cold water provided for the fursuiters. The owner has also offered to store fursuit bags and containers for those who need it.
OTHER QUESTIONS: Feel free to contact @rhythmmouse on Twitter or Telegram if you have other questions not answered here or on Victory Pointe's website!

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