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Last seen: 19 weeks 1 day ago
Joined: 02/06/2017:31
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I wanted to make a new intro because my old one was made quite a while ago and I've just now recently become more active here. So I've basically been in the furry fandom for about 2 years and have become quite well adapted to it. I enjoy meeting new people and so far this has only really been an online thing for me but hope to change that soon. I am currently 16 years old and live around the Central Pennsylvania area, caught somewhere in between Harrisburg and State College for an idea of location. Some of my general interests (along with this fandom of course) are Cars, Camping, Netflix Binge Watches, and Conspiracy theories. My fursona is "Dud3 W0lf" (pronounced: Dude Wolf), he is a black and green wolf who is basically a reflection of my personality in the form of an adorable anthro wolf. His colors are based on many things and I have a reference sheet with all of his markings and patterns for artistic purposes. I look forward to coming to conventions and meetups in the near future, as I will have my license in February and finally have my own car. I will accept all friend requests and reply to most comments that are questions. 


- Dud3 W0lf 

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