UPDATE! First Night Pittsburgh Parade & Furry Frolic! 12/31/17

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The Cultural Trust has cancelled the First Night Parade due to the extreme temperatures expected on NYE.  They are moving as much of the activities scheduled for outside indoors.  Anything they can't bring inside will be cancelled.However, the bands and performers involved in the parade, that includes us, have been specially invited to the newly created "Parade Party" at the August Wilson Center.  Here we can continue to interact with the public and participate in the event.  Plus, it's right across the street from where we've set up the fursuit lounge in the Drury Plaza Pittsburgh Downtown Hotel.

First Night Pittsburgh Parade and Furry Frolic 2017!

Sunday, December 31, 2017 from 6pm to 1am

Cost: $15 (To help cover the cost of the fursuit lounge/warm-up room.)

From the First Night Parade
Coordinator, Released December 28, 2017:

It’s going to be COLD on New Year’s Eve. REALLY COLD. In
response to what is expected to be unsafe conditions for people to be outside
for an extended period of time The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, our host for the
First Night Pittsburgh Parade, has made the unprecedented decision to MOVE ALL
FIRST NIGHT EVENTS INDOORS. You may be wondering exactly how you can move a
parade indoors? Tricky, huh? In conversations with the Trust we have made the
decision to have a Parade Party featuring all of the artists, puppets and bands
that were already planning to be part of the First Night Pittsburgh Parade.
It’s going to be crazy and it is going to be fun!

you need to know:

 The parade party will
happen from 7:30-9:00 at
the August Wilson Center,980 Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Each parade band will
play a 15-20 minute set

 If you signed up to
puppeteer in the parade, still plan to come to the parade party and dance,
dance, dance.

 There will still be a
volunteer check-in table, you will still get a First Night button and you will
still get to dance in a giant puppet…You just won’t have to get frostbite to do

counting on YOU to make this the biggest, craziest Giant Puppet Dance Party the
world has ever seen. Are you in?!?!

So we're still on for a great time this Sunday evening. Smile

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Swift Fox

Table-top Gaming Track Head; Anthrocon 2017 tabletop.gaming AT anthrocon.org www.anthrocon.org&

Former Chairperson of WPAFW ('01-'12)

Organizer of Pittsburgh First Night

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I saw the article about this on the Trib tonight and was wondering....thanks for the update! At least I'll be a warm horse!

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Wish I could be there! Sadly I'm working down the street haha!

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