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Hello!  Excited laugh

It's  nice to meet you all. I am just your average dude...well maybe more then average I guess but only just a bit not enough to really be "special" in anyway. I'm 28 years old and I am seemingly wrapping up my time in college over here at the Penn State main campus in State College. I am a mil vet and I can actually be quite the nerdy type with many of my interests in areas such as video games, anime, manga, sci-fi. Some of my favorite series include Mass Effect, Monster Hunter and Warhammer 40k. I guess you could say I am a bit of a shy individual as I tend to keep to myself not bug to many people until I get to know them. I do enjoy going jogging or being somewhat active but I hate winter with a passion so I am a tad bit lazy right now.

I am just getting into the fandom but I am open to any knowledge you might have to share. I am seeking new friends and hopefully helping myself break out of my shell a bit. Now as for how I found the fandom I guess I kind knew about it for a good number of years from seeing stuff online such as Youtube or see some art people drew. I never paid it too much mind. Though I did think the art was cool. After doing a bit more actual research I figured what the hell I'll explore a bit. There is  a bunch of art from both SFW and NSFW which are pretty cool. I had chatted with a few people and they seem like good people. After I while I guess I just started to make my own persona "Val" a Wolf/Dragon Hybrid (for which I still dont have any proper art, I cant draw so i'll have to find someone who can). Anyway I am taking it step by step and just going with the flow. I am pretty open-minded on a lot of things.

Well I look forward to chatting and maybe even seeing some of you.


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