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Opal Shay's picture
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Joined: 10/19/2017:05
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Hi there!

I joined this site a litte while ago and I've been to one meet from this site's calander but I've never posted an introduction! I'm Shay, a Bioengineering student living in Pittsburgh! So far I've been to two anthrocons (2018 will be my third), and I'm hoping to get more involved in the local furry community beyond just the convention scene.

I've also been starting to make fursuits, the cat fursuit in my avatar is the third head I've made and my first partial. I'm currently working on what I hope will become my first full suit-- I'd like to have it finished in time for anthrocon 2018! I'm personally very fond of fursuits with a cartoonish aesthetic but unusual style, and realistic suits with nonrealistic colorsand physiology. I'm not sure I've got a set fursona species, but I'm partial to felines, especially fluffy ones!

I'll warn that I can be a bit elusive and don't know how well I'll be able to keep up with goings-on on this website, as I tend to take breaks from the internet when school work piles up or when I'm in poor health. Being a scientist can be quite a lot of effort.

Looking forward to meeting some cool people at future meets, and so pleased that there are people willing to take the time to maintain a website like this!

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