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Morning all,

My name is Androo and I'm a Roo from the Far westurn PA edge (Woo Shenango Valley). I was living down in Pittsburgh for a good long while but fate changed my gears and now I'm back up in the Sharon/Hermitage/Sharpsville area for the time being. I still make trips down to Pittsburgh from time to time and miss the chance to attend thigns like the monthly bowling and such. So I'm looking to see who and what all is going down in my area! I'm an avid board game nut and also enjoy PC games. I just got my hands on a Switch a few months ago and my library of games for that is quite small still. I'd love to find others in the general area for games to play or just general hanging out. I'm kind of limited on my abilities to travel at the exact moment but I can make it over to places like Boardman and Niles OH sometimes or in the general area of Mercer County. Hope to find others in my area and help spread the board game love!

PS: I'm a huge pokemon nut and just now getting back into the TCG and VGC stuff.

PSS: I also really enjoy social deduction games like Werewolf and Mafia and would love to find a group that also enjoys games like these.

PSSS: Reply with your very first plush toy/animal/doll that you ever had while growing up or your favorite pokemon/digimon/monster rancher/dragon quest moneter!

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