Room for AC at the Westin?

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Heyo!  Sorry I haven't dropping by in a dog's age (OOOOOHHHH!).  But I was checking with my usual arrangements for rooming at AC this year, and it looks like that plan fell through.

I was wondering if anyone would be willing to take in another person for a room at the Westin?  I'd prefer being attached to the convention center like that for ease of changing into and out of my costume (last year I had to have a friend let me change in the backroom of Furnando's; hardly ideal).  I'm more than able to pay my share, and if you remind me I could even bring some drinks and snacks.  I also tend to bring my own air mattress, so the beds being claimed is no huge issue.  The sooner someone can get to me the better!

EDIT:  Sudden change of plans!  I've gotten in touch with someone who wants to transfer their reservation at the Westin!  It sounds like a traditional guest room, but I'll take it!  I've already got Focslain on board.  If I can get one other roomie, their share will be 300.  If I can get two more, I'll drop it down to 225 a share.  I'll be covering a larger share just to make sure this happens, so if any of you apply it would be appreciated if you buy us some pizza or food!

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