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Happy anime laugh Hello everyone!  I wouldn't say that I'm entirely new to furries, becuase my old highschool friend intoduced me to them a few years back when she became more interested in them.  I've drawn a few fursonas, but I've really only started considering the idea of making a suit now.  I realize there's more to the fandom than the costumes, but that's really the part that I'm interested in!  It's like being a stuffed animal superhero.  No one knows your identity excpet you and those who you reveal it to!  Unfortunately that's probably going to have to be how it is for me.  My family has heard of furries before, but I'm not too keen on letting them know I want to start trying to make the darn costumes, let alone get involved with a bunch of others who do the same thing.  Not sure whether they'd react good or bad.  I just don't want to chance it.  So yea, secret identity. haha

As you can tell from the refrence above, I love superheroes; mostly marvel because they're more comical.  But I don't mind anyone who prefers DC more.  I love almost anything outdoors; Hiking, swimming, horsebackriding to name a few.  I also do a bit of drawing.  The biggest thing though in my life is my faith.  I am a Christian with a strong base in my faith in Christ.  Though no one needs to worry, I won't squash anyone becuase they don't share my faith.

I don't have an official fursona yet.  I created a green angel dragon with yellow blue and gold highlights currently named Stealth.  But she's just a drawing for now.  I've also thought about creating a Raiju fursona.  For those of you that don't know, a Raiju is a mythical creature from Shinto mythology.  Basically, They're a little lighting monster that goes crazy during thunderstoms.  There's no set form for them, but they can be depicted as wolves, dogs, cats, foxes or even weasels.  I think they're cute.

I came to this site hoping to find new friends who share in an intrest to make new friends and have adventures in their everyday lives. So feel free to comment on this thread if we have something in common, or just even to say hi!

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Hello and welcome!!! :D 

I like your view on suiting, stuffed animal super hero. That sounds cute lolI wish you luck on making suits! I would recommend for first timers getting a suit would be a partial but if your gunna make it yourself, then its a bit cheaper. 

I used to do horseback riding. Years and years ago we used have horses here. Minitures and full growns, so when I was a kid I would ride the horses. But sadly we dont have them anymore. It was fun though! (I live far out in the country) I also like swimming but dont have a pool lol 

If your interested in furmeets and such, check out the events here. And if you plan to go to any furry conventions there is Anthrocon in July 5-8 Just a few suggestions.  Happy anime laugh

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