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Hey guys, My name is Loveless or Keith, I am a Fox-dragon, a little about my human, i am an 18 year who at the time of writing this just graduated high school and is excited to head to college at Penn College (for computer programming). Something about me hmm I'm an avid gamer and love playing CSGO and watching the pros (GO c9). I'm also a huge flyers fan and will be wearing a Flyers jersey one day when I go to Pittsburg for AC (don't care how they do compare to the pens). I live in Lancaster with my parents because like I said before I'm a student so don't really have the money to live on my own. One thing about me is I've only been a furry for only about a year (of writing this) and i can say I wish i found this loving community earlier in my life, I love it in the fandom. I'm a friendy fox-dragon so don't be afraid to talk to me, just don't expect to be my best friends quickly i hold them tight and if you make that in my life you know. Thanks for reading this.

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