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Salutations! My name is Nick, but I go by Yoteface most of the time. I'm from the Gettysburg/Bonneauville area, and would love to find furs to hang out with if any are around. My fursona is 88% coyote, probably 9% bat, trace amounts of dragon, and 2% portobello mushroom. I am a bit of a goof, as you may have analyzed by the aforementioned statement. And if you noticed that that doesn't equal 100%, well...I'm not all there DERP!

I've been qualifiable as a furry pretty much for as long as I can remember [blame the fairytales and Disney movies], but never found out about the fandom or even the term 'furry' until I got to college. Since then, I've been a darn fool fur and there's no hiding it. Wish I had money for a fursuit, but uh, well, let's just narrow that down to wish I had money. Was delighted to attend Anthrocon this year and last, and plan to next ad infinitum!

Best way to get ahold of me is via Skype at larcenvii. I'm an artist as well, studied animation at Full Sail, though my Deviantart lies dormant and I need to work up the gumption to start a profile someplace else. Looking to get into drawing commissions once said gumption is found as well!

Anyuroo, that's a bit about me, so again, hullo! *wagwag*

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