Table-Top Gaming Track still seeking game hosts for Anthrocon 2011

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Hello everyone!

I've had a few takers after my last announcement and a number of folks are returning to host games they offered last year; but there's still lots of room for more gaming on my schedule.

Anthrocon's Table-top Gaming Track is looking for attendees who are interested in giving a little back to the convention by hosting a table-top role playing game, collectible card game (CCG) demos, pick up games, or tournaments, non-casino card games, board games, miniatures games, party games, and/or live action role playing (LARP) games. This year's convention theme is "The Anthropomorphic Institute of Magic" which is a perfect dovetail for a myriad of table top games.

Typically, depending on the game, sessions run from 1-4 hours, though longer sessions are and can be accommodated. I also make every effort to not schedule folks during 2 Gryphon and Kage's Story Hour, as well as the Fursuit Parade and Masquerade, once I have firm day and times for those events.

I hope you are interested in sharing your talents and interest in your favorite game with friends and attendees at Anthrocon. Please e-mail me at tabletop.gaming AT

Thank you!

Swift Fox
Table-Top Gaming Track
Anthrocon; "Anthropomorphic Institute of Magic"
June 23-26, 2011

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Swift Fox

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