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I'm now making custom MLP figures to order! I'm taking commission spots for the pre AC run. There is twenty spots for commissions that will be completed before AC 2013 and can either be picked up at the con or shipped to you. Figures start at just $15! These figures are standard blisterpack size and will fit in right next to your existing ponies! Now's your chance to have your own pony join the Friendship is Magic crew!


Your pony can come in many poses and can be any thing from a pony to a alicorn! it can be painted to order or come blank for you to decorate yourself! They make a great gift for that special brony in your life or as a great way to show your pony pride. So don't miss out on the opportunity to get in on your own individual, one of a kind, handmade pony figure!


To see some pony figures check out and order yours today!


To get on the list feal free to contact me here, on skype at evilbearfx , or txt me at 863-393-5574



Current comishions:

1.) Rachael Twidom - Pony : Nutberry * complete *

2.) Coldheart - Unicorn : Coldheart * complete *

3.) Rachael Twidom - Sea pony : Clam Bake * complete *

4.) Scotch Husky - Pony : Blank Pony * complete *







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thebluebear (not verified)

The oder form so you get some of the ideas of what you can get!


Commission Form



Contact #:

email or

/ Pony


*Base cost is $15 per
pony with custom sculpted hair/mane and tail along with a mat base
paint. *

Check one:
Pony___/ Pegasus___/ Unicorn___/
Alicorn___/ Sea pony (+$10)___


Check one:
Sculpted hair
& mane___/ Brushable hair & mane (+$20)___ * add 1 to 2 weeks
to completion *

Check one pose:
Normal___/ Rearing
*requires statue base* (+$2)___/ Bucking *requires statue base

Check one paint job:
Unpainted___/ Base coat
white___/ Base coat black___/ Painted (+ $10)___

Check one
stand option:
Freestanding___/ Statue Base (+$3)___/ Ornamental
statue base with decorations (+$10)___

Check one (or more)
clothing options:
Nude___/ Shirt, Hoodie, or Jacket(+$5)___/
Skirt,dress, or pants (+$5)___/ Pony bags (+$5)___/
Other Custom
Accessories (+$5)___

Please give a description of your
ponysona with fur colors and how you would like your hair and tail.
Along with any pertinent information such as clothing, cutie mark,
pose requests, and any thing else relevant. You may also give links
to pictures of your fursona or








Cost _________ (half to be payed up front half to be payed befor
delivery with shipping cost)
Payment : First installment
payed______ / Fully payed____ / Shipping______

Copy right 2013 Evil Bear

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thebluebear (not verified)


Heres a early test comishion. all comishions from this point on will b painted with air brush so the will be smoother and show more detail. this is Nutberry you can find a pic refrince for her here...

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thebluebear (not verified)

Another comishion completed! theres still time to get your orders in for your ponys to be delivered to you at AC!

heres an example of an unpainted model for thouse of you who would want to paint your own!

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Scotch Husky's picture
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I'm ordering one

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thebluebear (not verified)

gotcha down and its already finished


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thebluebear (not verified)

 After much R&D and consulting with the pony gods I'm now going to be offering BRUSHABLE hair on manes and tails! I will match as closely as ponily possible your requested shade and implant it into your pony. This is a much more time consuming process than sculpting on hair and requires a lot more expenditure of time and money color matching and implanting the hair, so there will be a charge if you want brushable hair over sculpted. However, this will leave you with a pony that looks as much like the figures as possible.


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