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03/01/2014 9:00 pm
03/02/2014 1:00 am

Hello fellow PA furs!

***Please note: In observance of Tekkoshocon on April 4-6th, the furbowl will be cancelled for the first Saturday in April so everybody may enjoy the festivities downtown- I repeat, there is NO furbowl April 5th***

Currently, at about 60 furs strong (and growing every meet), we invite all to come out with us on a Saturday evening for a few hours of bowling, cocktails, and other furry shenanigans:

-Unless noted, these meets will always occur on the first and third Saturdays of every month (we will give plenty of notice if there is a change!)

-Location is AMF Lanes (1601 Washington Road, in the Mount Lebanon section of Pittsburgh)- bowling starts at 10PM, but for the alley to get an idea of how many lanes we need (and so we do not get stiffed on lanes), we ask that we gather at about 9PM.

-The alley is fursuit friendly- fulls, partials, or a tail and ears are welcome- wear with pride!

-Cost is $14 for three hours of bowling, shoes inclusive, and tax is included

-If you don't care for bowling, the alley has plenty of the old fashioned cancer tubes with sports games, billiard tables, karaoke, bar/lounge (which you can smoke in if there are any cigarette smokers among us), and halfway decent food

-There is limited public transportation, and because of the time we will disperse, it is recommended to drive to the alley. If any fur needs a ride, whether in the city or surrounding counties, please touch base with Tolt and I and we will accommodate (please give as much notice as possible if using the forum if you do need help!) I have no reservations putting massive miles on a fuel efficient car, and there are plenty of others willing to help out.

If there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to call, chat, or PM Tolt or I here on PA Furry or on the furbowl's Facebook page (for you tweeters out there, I will be working on a page dedicated to the furbowl that should be up and running shortly).

These gatherings have sparked great business for the bowling alley and have some created great memories for many of us- let's continue the tradition fellow furs!



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Ruffa's picture
Last seen: 1 year 44 weeks ago
Joined: 04/11/2013:37
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I should be able to come to this one! Can I grab a ride from someone?

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rhythmmouse's picture
Last seen: 4 weeks 5 days ago
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Posts: 36

i'll be there this time! i'm super excited, been trying to fit the furbowls into my schedule for a while now.

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Zizi_Softtail's picture
Last seen: 1 year 17 weeks ago
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Posts: 129

I'll need a ride as usual.

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RCTheFox's picture
Last seen: 2 years 14 weeks ago
Joined: 09/21/2013:45
Posts: 286

Sorry all, Mpk5 and I will not be in the USA for this and my friends will not be attending as well. See you at the next one.

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R.C. - PA Furry Entertainment group - Entertainer/West PA -
Follow me @RCtheFox and Follow our group @PFEnt

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Things you never hear: "Hand me that piano!"

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