My First Yarn Tail (work in progress with pictures!)

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I love tails, so when I discovered you can make fluffy bushy custom tails simply from /yarn/ I was uuber excited and decided to give it a shot. After reading a bunch of tutorials and watching YouTube videos, I decided to go with the tie-on method (I can't sew to save my life).

Initially I was gonna use a chain base, but the chain I bought has soudered links, so I can't shorten it  :animecry: 

So instead I went with the braided yarn base. I didn't make it super thick because I don't want a really heavy tail, and I left a long bunch of loose strings at the end after the knot to serve as the tip for my tail.

I'm using Caron Simply Soft for this one. I tried to comb out Red Heart Super Saver, but as most people have said it just doesn't work very well. I may try again now that I have a proper slicker brush. I also have a few skeins of I Love This Yarn, but I'm worried I'm not gonna have enough to make a whole tail. And since there isn't a Hobby Lobby near me (there's one near my parents who I visited this weekend) I figured for my first one I'd go with a yarn that I could easily get more of. Plus it's SO FLUFFY.

I'm using a wire slicker brush to comb the floofs out (technical term.) I bought one on Amazon that has a push button to more easily clean the wires (the green Safari one in the pictures), but the wires themselves are a little far apart. I bought another one at WalMart that has wires much closer together and that seems to work better. At least my kitty cat is in love with the Safari brush, so it isn't a total waste of money.

I also got a hair straightener from Amazon and I can't stress enough how important it is! You might think the floofs look okay after they've been combed out without straightening, but once you straighten them and comb them a second time, the difference is night and day. The straightened ones are so much silkier and softer.

Work In Progress Pictures: [ Edit: I don't know why the photos are showing up so large, I edited them to only be 500px across...  Sorry/Sowwy/trying to look cute ]

The initial braid with the bottom combed out and straightened, and a few of my first floofs.

First round of white floofs tied on

Making color bundles at work  Happy anime smile

More to come as I work on this!!!

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Taggianto (not verified)

Thought I'd show how I'm cutting my strings.

Basically, I cut apart a box and I'm using one side and one flap so that I have a piece that folds to the size I want.

Then I just wrap the yarn around the folded cardboard, and then there's a nice little channel to slide my scissors into, which makes cutting the strings easier.  Happy anime smile

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Posting images of one's work is almost always an instant front page.  Good show!

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