Second Year Local Convention In Erie

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This is the second year for a local convention called BlurrieCon. Though we may be starting off small & all, & unfortunaltely most of the things we have are some things mostly categorized in one subject, we are trying to bring a bunch of interests together to eventually grow & have a bunch of fun every year!

It's not neccesarily furry, but we would love to have some furries come check this out~!!! =owo=

(Though I will say I am currently working on a panel where I am trying to add some fur culture into; but it's basically about, simply put, trying to help people feel comfortable about expressing theirself & their interests.)

We have a Facebook page, aswell as an official site;  feel free to give them a look ^^ (Though I will warn right now, because of a joke from last year's convention, you may see some images of Nicholas Cage =owo='')


BlurrieCon Site:

I am one of the staff members (I will be doing cosplay judging, costume maintenance, etc. Feel free to comment &/or message me for any questions =^w^=


(Also .-.''' I'm sorry, I do not mean to advertise, but I'm really excited about this. We're doing extremely better than last year.)

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Open up the door Mr. Frankenstein, 'cuz we're here to dance the night away...

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Front Paged!!

I also listed this Convention last week on the Forum Calendar.

Best of luck with the event. Sadly I have a previous obligation to attend to.

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Swift Fox

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This actually looks good, would be nice to get a fur group involved just to walk around or even have a few things going on.

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