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I was asked by a few people to post the rules and explanation of a game I was introduced to in London, England. The game is called Predator vs Prey and is a live action game commonly played at events and gatherings there. 


The core rules of the game is rather simple you have two teams. 

The predators.

¤ They can capture and eat the prey.

¤ They gain points as a pack.

¤ The predators can pounce and pin.


The predators group gains two points for each prey they capture, one point if they choose to eat the prey.

"A prey alive is worth two points, but if it excapes the predators loose the two points. If the predators choose to eat the prey it can't excape so they can loose the point but the prey is only worth one point instead of two."



¤ Each of them are worth two points so at the start of the round the preys group starts with all the possible points.

¤ Each member of the preys group is assigned a collar, once captured they are leashed and lead to the predators capture point. A prey can't unlatch their own leash. But a free prey can unlatch it letting the captured prey excape. 

¤ Once a round the prey can play dead. The prey must lay on their back and close their eyes. If they don't open their eyes or make any sound or movement until the count of ten the stalking predators have to avoid them for thirty seconds. It's then the prey is untouchable and able to run for that period of time.  


Sample game play.

You have two teams, 8 prey 4 predators. The starting points would look like this. 16 - 0 the goal for the prey is to stay free and stay alive. The more of them that do the more points they hold onto. The predators gain points and remove the preys points by capturing or by eating them. A single round lasts about 60 minutes. It's the predators goal to pounce and pin the prey, then attach a leash to their collar and lead them to their capture point. A capture point is commonly a rope around a tree where the leash is looped through and the prey is left herded. 

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Sounds neat.

Front Paged for the "Neat-oh" factor. Smile


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Yes! This is incredible!

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