Westin Gift Shop (Pittsburgh)

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The Westin Convention Center and Sheraton Station Square gift shops
(under the same manager) are now hiring. Several employees will be
returning to school, and I will probably be moving on soon as well.
Being at the Westin (where Anthrocon takes place), it is a fur-friendly job, though you won't be able to wear a tail or anything unless it's during Anthrocon. The
manager is quite friendly, and he will probably give you time off for
Anthrocon if you ask well in advance, though you may only get a day
if more than one employee is asking. Pay starts at $9.00/hour. Raises
may be available after a while, though they'll be hard to get unless
you have a clean record. Bus pass reimbursement is available, but
never cab fare.


After you've been trained, you will almost always be working alone. Very
seldom will you have someone around to help you, so you will need to
be able to do all of the following: lift up to 50 lbs., count
reliably, write legibly, read, deal with people (human or otherwise)
constantly and politely (even when they complain about the prices or
make the same bad jokes fifty times a day, which they will), stand
for extended periods of time (there's usually a stool or stepladder
you can sit on, but not always), know the city (particularly
downtown) well enough to give directions and restaurant
recommendations (or be quick to learn; the concierge has maps and
restaurant lists you can take, use, and hand out), have a flexible
schedule (shop is open 7:00am-11:00pm every day except holidays;
shifts swap at 3:00pm), have reliable transportation (do NOT be late
for an opening shift!), bring or purchase your own meals (Sheraton
offers free meals, Westin sometimes doesn't), and find ways to occupy
yourself (it gets slow at times, especially in winter; I recommend
bringing a book or drawing supplies).


Applications are paper, so you'll have to stop by and pick one up. You can also
ask me for one at a meet. I'll be carrying a few with me. Please note
that being a furry does not immediately make you a higher-priority
applicant, though it may grant you some favor. Make a good first
impression and live up to it. Best of luck!



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