Pittsburgh Furbowls for September & October

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Hello fellow furs!

Just wanted to give everybody a heads up that for the months of September and October... there will be no furbowl scheduled for the first half of the month- meets will only be scheduled for the third Saturday for these two months, due to other local events, gatherings, cons, school preparation, etc. The events section of the forum, Facebook page, and Twitter feed for the Pittsburgh Furbowl will be updated shortly after this post with this information. In case you were still looking to have something to do on the first Saturdays of September and October, feel free to check out the following events to entertain yourselves and have some good, clean fun with fellow locals ^^:

For the first Saturday in September, feel free to suit up at Alameda Park!


For the first Saturday in October, join us for a weekend gathering at Boyce Park for WPAFW 2014!



Sorry for the changes in scheduling, we try to keep these changes to a minimum and hope to see youse guys at future events!



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Sorry, just a little change up with meets and stuff. The alameda park is meant to give Erie and northern furs a chance to meet us and have fun. Rumor has it a couple out of town furs are also coming specially for this meet!

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Sounds Great!!


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Swift Fox

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