Furries who live in PA

Cadagain Wolf
I was Comatose Wolf But My New Main Fursona Is Cadagain Wolf
I work full time for Crothal health care
Suprise boners are from thots from the 5th dimension that we cant see but they can see us
unemployed hs senior
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Damachi Wolf
The best solution to a problem is usually the easiest one. - GLaDOS
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Cobalt Husky
Electronics Repair Technician
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The furry formally known as P87NE
I have issues
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Amethyst Arabesque

kik- lil_r3ptar PSN- LIL_R3PTAR Palringo- Amethyst Arabesque

Chief Crossing Legs
I love making new friends so come talk to me.
Thinks Green Dragons Are Cute
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Douglas Muth
I have a vocabulary that barely allows me to converse with Sour Cream and Onion Chips!

AIM: Dmuth At Home
YIM: dmuthathome
Google Chat: doug.muth
Jabber: dmuth@jabber.org
FurryMUCK: Giza

Software Engineer
Elliot Puppet Grimes
I love floppy ears! They are so cute
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Quuxum Mephitida

Telegram: same username
Mastodon: @skunxum@chitter.xyz

IT Skunk
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Swift Fox
Patron Saint of Mischief and Naughtiness.

AIM: swiftfoxavfd
Y!M: swiftf0x

Architectural Designer
meow meow bow wow
Cat, dog