Furries who live in Pennsylvania

I love to play video games and I’m trying to get my drawing skills better. Favorite games are Portal, Call of Duty, and Overwatch.
High school student
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Hippity hopp kangaroo bop. that's all that comes to mine.
I'm just another person looking forward to making new friends!
I'm a cashier at a grocery store very facsinating I know!
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Edvin Windwulf
I'm efiing PINK x3 In all seriousness though I am a fursuiter (partial suiter, though full suit is under construction) as well as becoming more social with people and other furries (hopefully) ^^;

http://www.furaffinity.net/user/fauxpawsofdesire/ <- (You can note me on here)

johnstorm22@gmail.com <- (Phone is set up to get gmail notifications, feel free to hit me up on there as well)

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Slayer of Stupid, Incompetent, and Disappointing Minions
Label Production Specialist/Desktop Publisher
I'm a folf that has hooves.
High school student
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Williamsport PA
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Lee the furry
Heyo! My name is Loli and i am very new to the furry fandom, but im already in love! I have two O.C's, petal and heart string. I will atart posting soon, thank ya xP
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Rawr x3
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Miles Vialpando
Dark-furred fox enjoys gadgets, science, technology, outdoors and more

Skype: kitsune_mage
Second Life: miles05.reitveld
AIM/GTalk/MSN/Yahoo! (email or PM me, first)
SMS: Maybe; private number

ISP Data Support, Home Business Preparation (Games/Books)
Student with a job
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Huh wha? Why?!
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High school student
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Z. Wolf
"Hey wait a minute, that's not porn."
theatrical designer and technician
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Whimsical Kixx