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Name:Tweak Mutt, etc. (View This User's Blog)
Hobbies:rock music, fursuiting, Nintendo, socializing, dumb fun!
Species:doe, canine, rabbit, etc.
Occupation:High School Student
"All Foxes Are":All foxes are great, but not as good as lions~ ;)
Sexual Orientation:Gay
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Aye, I'm just another furry-dreaming kid. Multiple mental disorders and a few medical, but ey, I'm very happy about my life at this point. I'm female and a youngling of sixteen who's very happy to be here. (Get your permit, Tweak!)

I am quite new to the fandom, and I dabble in building suits. And the occasional performance attempts.. Apologies for anything out of line, please lemme know so I can correct it. I wanna make plenty of friends, and I'd love to point out I'm quite captivated by this fandom. It helped me out in a very poor time. Probably dragging a non furry girlfriend to cons near you~

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