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Comment:"Please! Don't forget love."
Hobbies:spreading love, aerial acrobatics!
Species:Squirragon, Half long eared gray squirrel half Chinese water dragon!
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"All Foxes Are":Loved!
Gender:Would rather not say
Sexual Orientation:Asexual
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Weeks before AC of 2016 I started to read the comments of friends about how worried they were about attending because of the recent events of hate. It was then this little squirragon took on a mission. It's heart had no more room for hate so dedicated it's time to become a small beacon of light in this growing dark world filled with hate. To shine and let those out there no matters who they are or what they are to know someone loves them. Even if they feel no one in this world does they will know tho small squirragon does and it's love lasts forever.

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