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Name:Giovanni Esposito (View This User's Blog)
Location:Langhorne, Pennsylvania, United States
Comment:"We. WILL. Rise."
Hobbies:video games, literature, canid psychology and behavior, Japanese culture, kemono, Jungian psychology, myths and folklore, religious texts
Species:volpino Italiano, shiba inu, wolf, fox, changeling, primarina
Occupation:Writer, teacher (on hiatus)
"All Foxes Are":unique and varied individuals
Sexual Orientation:Pansexual
Social Networks:(none given)

Abel, aka Giovanni Esposito, aka Solitaire Calystegia

Hello! If you're reading this, thanks for looking! If you're curious or just want to chat, feel free to message me. I don't bite, so long as you're polite and respectful. :3

I'm kind of a femmeboi, at least emotionally/psychologically (but more of a big (teddy)bear physically), and tend to get along best those who are on the more sensitive, friendly side. I'm open to get to know anyone, however! In the end, it really comes down to interpersonal dynamics, anyway.

I'm a pretty sensitive bleeding-heart, so I don't do well with rude or abrasive people. I am, however, drawn to those who are confidant and willing to make the first move in situations. For those who are into MBTI, I'm an ENFJ.

If you want to know my Discord/Telegram/Skype/Kik/AiM/etc, just ask. I'm not sure if I should list those publicly, due to bots and whatnot.

I can most often be found on Red Light Ponyville (18+ only!) as Solitaire Calystegia.

Forum Signature:Feel free to avail yourself of my profile. Also, my intro post can be found here.
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