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Name:Dud3 (View This User's Blog)
Location:Juniata County, Pennsylvania
Comment:"Rawr x3"
Hobbies:furry (obviously x3), some video games, cooking, car stuff, binge watcher, philosophy, ect.
Species:Wolf, Lonewolf
Occupation:(none given)
"All Foxes Are":cute and cuddly :3
Sexual Orientation:Gay
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I've been part of the fandom for about a year, my fursona is Dud3 W0lf (pronounced:Dude Wolf) or just known as Dud3 for short, ever since I joined the fandom it's been part of my everyday life and I love it, I'm currently only 15 and don't have wheels so I can't really go to meets or cons, but that'll change this summer so yay! I have deep and spiritual philosophies and am pretty creative, I lack artistic skills, but I have a good eye for design. Interests I have and hobbies are listed on my page but there's a lot of "interests" so not all listed x3

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