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Name:Dud3 (View This User's Blog)
Location:Juniata County, Pennsylvania
Comment:"Rawr x3"
Hobbies:furry (obviously x3), some video games, cooking, car stuff, binge watcher, philosophy, ect.
Species:Wolf, Lonewolf
Occupation:(none given)
"All Foxes Are":cute and cuddly :3
Sexual Orientation:Gay
Social Networks:(none given)

I've been part of the fandom for just about two years now! My fursona is Dud3 W0lf (pronounced:Dude Wolf) or just known as Dud3 for short, ever since I joined the fandom it's been a main source of comfort and inspiration in my life and I love meeting new people in it. I'm currently 16 (almost 17), have my own car and everything and am looking forward to going to meetups and cons in the near future. I do NOT put up with drama or anything along the lines and will often talk in a more professional manner (depending on the person really). I will most likely continue to come back to this website with questions, updates, ect.

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