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Location:Smithfield, Pennsylvania
Comment:"i make typos. a lot of typos."
Hobbies:Cosplay, writing, drawing, roleplaying, being fandom trash
Species:Domestic cat
Occupation:Daycare worker
"All Foxes Are":cute af?
Sexual Orientation:Pansexual
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Zombie - female - 25 - demisexual - panromantic - INFP

Yo I'm Zombie; pretty rad in my own sort of way. I make typos a lot and am considered trash in multiple fandoms. I'm a female so please stick with female or neutral pronouns. Honestly you can call me whatever, any variation or play on 'zombie' is fine. Zomboob, Zombutt, Zombee- I've heard it all.

Roleplay is a big thing for me and one of my favorite past times. I'm almost always up for roleplaying so hit me up. I really like animals so to say I sometimes play on animal MMOs in a understatement. I make maps and various content for Feral Heart and currently staff on two Impressive Title servers; Mythical Realms and Dawn of Eternity.

Homestuck, Undertale, Steven Universe, Warriors, Furry (obviously)

Avalin Zombie Kitteh

My fursona is a cream colored cat named Avalin. She's your average domesitcated cat, nothing too special about her. Her most notable feature is her dark red/maroon hair that mimics my own. Avalin is a quirky cat, earning her nickname for her love of zombies.. and partially the odd noises she makes.

She has an obsession with dinosaurs, particularly pterodactyls. During her youth some time she became a self-proclaimed dinosaur. Her parents thought it was a phase, but the feline has never grown out of it and is under the delusion she truly is a dinosaur. She often squawks, talking through squeaks and odd vocalizations. (Her pterodactly impressions aren't very good, but don't tell her that.)

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