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Comment:"Hai, ppl!"
Hobbies:Swimming, drawing, and sitting outside.
Species:Black Cat with white-tipped tail(Domestic Shorthair)
Occupation:I am a student in school.
"All Foxes Are":Swag.
Sexual Orientation:Would rather not say
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Hi! On the internet, my name is Karma. I really don't want to use my real name or info. I will always be online as my fursona, but Hai!!

I am a student that is one of the only furries in my school. There aren't any furries I know in the real world! That's why I call the internet "My TRUE Home".

I am a black cat with a t-shirt and cargo shorts. I have long whiskers, and a white tip on the end of my long, slender tail. I also have bluish-green eyes.

I do NOT online date. If I am looking for a mate, I am looking for one in the real world. Not on the internet. I also have NO sexual content here on this account. I have no interest in it, either.

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