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Location:Kutztown, PA, USA
Comment:"Furry amino: Necrotheo ; Instagram: Celine.necrotheo / necrokitty_art"
Hobbies:My hobbies include Traditional and digital Drawing; Video games; world building and character development; writing and watching youtube
Species:My main fursona is what I call a Cacklehound. They are a race of wolf-like creatures; they are often associated with death and darker images., My secondary sona is a sarcastic snow leopard who's chill and lives coffee. Hes more of the actual me. Both have suits in progress.
Occupation:I am currently a student at Kutztown University
"All Foxes Are":Created equal
Sexual Orientation:Straight
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My name's Celine, and I'm a 20 year old female fetus, interested in males of any gender. I'm scared of life, and at this time I am trying my hand at college... I go to the windy AF place known as Kutztown University. I am going for the digital arts!

I am an orphaned fostercare child who probably shouldn't joke about death as much as I do... Heh heh =v="

So anyway, I first found the fandom when I was around 15, but I always loved the idea of dressing as an anthropomorphic animal or just cosplaying in general. I didn't really think about being a furry until more recently though-- and joining this fandom is one of the best things I've done... I hope to make many friends!

I try to be as respectful and kind as possible to everyone because I know how it feels to be alone and hurt... Plus, I believe that I don't have to like or agree with you to be respectful. ^v^

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