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Name:Dobie Tanpaw (View This User's Blog)
Location:Pittsburgh, PA
Comment:"This must be Thursday. I never could get the hang of Thursdays"
Hobbies:Sushi, Videography, Ham Radio, Fursuiting, Offroading
Occupation:Something important, I'm sure.
"All Foxes Are":Guilty.
Sexual Orientation:Gay
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I am 35 years old, a Fire Fighter, an EMT, a pilot, a CDL Holder, a ham radio operator, a firearms enthusiast, a 2nd amendment rights activist, and I live in the Knoxville neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

I'm always looking to meet new friends in the area! I enjoy Asian food (Especially Sushi) and Steaks (Actually, just about any good food), I like to watch movies (Just about anything but Horror) and I occasionally enjoy a good cigar. I also love making videos to post to YouTube.

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