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Comment:"A Wolf Hunting Creativity. Make The Story Of Your Life The Best Ever Written"
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Found out about the furry fandom back in 2010, never thought much about it until I signed up with a forum for James Cams' Avatar that same year, I also found out about Bronies that same time from said forum. Again, never thought much about them.

That is until 2014, where I rediscovered the brony fandom in a massive way. I quickly began watching/listening to all the creative outlets this group of interesting individuals had to offer. Including fanfic readings and all the seasons of the show.

It was at this time I started to realize how much I absolutely loved 'furry' creatures in all forms.

In early 2015 I started my own fanfic readings channel called 'Sky Pegasus Readings' (How imaginative) where I'd read stories (NSFW & SFW alike) of my own creation and others works. (Including Zootopia fics) I've recently taken a brake from it for the foreseeable future though...

I just have had a realization recently that I'm a full fledged furry, no ifs, ans, or tails about it. So I might as well embrace it. My OC is a black and blue colored wolf called Onyx Gray.

Other then the hobbies I've listed. I am a home care provider for my grandmother at the moment, which takes up a lot of my time. I am also studying to learn to drive. Already have my permit and will head to driving school soon.

That is pretty much it for my life that's noteworthy for now. Sorry if reading this was boring. But thanks if you got this far.

Forum Signature:Juat a Wolf of the night seeking awesome music and discoveing my place in this world.
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