Name:Jenna (View This User's Blog)
Location:Bethlehem, Pennsylvania United States
Comment:"I'm a folf that has hooves."
Hobbies:Drawing, Anime, and Gaming
Species:Kandie: Folf/Deer, Chi-Tea: Kitsune, Jenna: Cyber Wolf, Ko├║kla: Dragoness, Demon: Siberian Husky, Striker: German Shepard Kiwi: Cat/Plant, Ashton: Crocodile, Zahra: Goat/Camel
Occupation:High school student / Part-Time McDonalds Employee
"All Foxes Are":Sly
Sexual Orientation:Bisexual
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Hewwo! My name is Jenna and I'm a high school student. I'm an artist and a noob gamer. I hope to save up enough of my minimum wage cash to buy a fursuit or at least a partial. I'm also really open to meeting some friends so that I'm not so lonely. Oh! If you ever want to add me on Discord, Honey-Tea#6182 Room: https://discord.gg/QhdqsMN

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