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Name:UzuRuuXIII (View This User's Blog)
Location:Swissvale, PA
Comment:"*insert bunny noise*"
Hobbies:Digital Artist, Fursuit Making, Video games, Anime
Species:Dracobunny, Mutt, Fox
Occupation:Full time over night security gaurd. Part time artist.
"All Foxes Are":Cat software running on dog hardware
Sexual Orientation:Straight
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23,Gender fluid (female),straight,single,5'5".
You can call me Oni or Maruu either name is fine.
I like video games,anime,and most types of music.
I have 3 main fursonas
Aidan (Shape shifter/Mutt) Maruu (Dracobunny) Oni (Kitsune Fox)
Im a bit shy but if your nice and gain my trust I open up pretty fast.
Really hoping to make some furry friends near me. <3

Forum Signature:♜Don't need a crown to know I'm king♜
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