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Location:McKeesport, PA
Comment:"Hi! :)"
Hobbies:music, video games, looking at art and hanging out with friends
Species:Still undecided, but possibly a fox.
"All Foxes Are":not using Internet Explorer. :D
Sexual Orientation:Straight
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You can call me Dusty Foxnumber5 or anything really (as long as it's not offensive), I don't have any official fursona alias or anything yet.

I'm 22, male, IT student, works retail, born again Christian, friendly, open-minded and open-hearted.
I'm not new to the fandom, I've known about it for a while, but never really got involved but always found it interesting and unique.
I'm not an artist, but I love art, as well as music, video games, coffee, good friends and world peace.
I am a fun loving person, though quiet a lot of the time, though I hope to positively change that.
Hoping to make a few furry friends here, so don't hesitate to say "hi." Smile

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