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Comment:"X3 I just recently realized I was furry, I am really Happy to get into the Fandom though Sooo.. Hiiiii!"
Hobbies:Gaming, PC things, Drawing. Uhhhh... Memes?
"All Foxes Are":super amazing and now I want one
Sexual Orientation:Bisexual
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Well, For like a year of so, I loved seeing the amazing art of the Fandom and loved the idea, but it never really hit me hard. But then I went and did a little research recently and LOVED everything about the Fandom. I've only told like 2 people who are close friends so far, but I'm gonna keep in low for now on who knows I'm a Furry IRL. I'm also DEFINITELY looking forward to meeting other Furries. Soooo... Yeah, I'd love to talk to anyone at all!!!

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