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Location:Boothwyn, PA
Comment:"Just a Wolf or a Shark trying to find his way in the world."
Hobbies:Oh too many to list...
Species:Wolf, Shark
Occupation:Full Time Graduate Student
"All Foxes Are":All foxes are adorable ^_^
Sexual Orientation:Bisexual
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Hey Everyone!

Somethings about me, I'm in PA near Philly for at least 3 years for Grad School. I'm originally from the Midwest and was hoping to make some new friends out here.

I'm a bit of a "try everything once" type of person so I have far too many hobbies to list, but my go-tos involve gaming, some outdoor sports in the summer, and talking with friends.

I love meeting new people and answering questions so feel free to get in contact however you can ^_^

Some Contact info
Telegram: @TsteuWolf <- Might be the best way to contact me
Discord: Wolffreak #2713

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