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I am a red fox that has been raised by family friends who are Timber Wolves after my patents were murder by an unknown person while I was 5 years old. My mom was a stay at home mom and the sweet women you can have. Even when I got in trouble she didn't have the heart after looking into my sky blue eyes she forgave me for anything. My dad was a mechanic all-around good person and the funniest redneckest if you didn't leave with a smile my day didn't do his job. I broke my whiffle ball bat and I took it to my dad and he told me to super glue and ducktape that sumbitch and get back out there stripes. I have a weird but awesome furmark on my entire right arm up to my cheek and it is a brighter red than my orange-red in my fur. It reminds me of the tribal tattoo that all the badass get but my was free. Anyway, let me tell you my name first its foxly wild. I know I know cliche name but my dad and mom couldn't settle on a name so my dad panic and said the first thing that came to mind and here we are today. Let me tell u about the Timber Wolf that raises me. The Farkas are the nicest wolves take me in and raising me like there own. The mother Lupe Farkas another stay at home mom was nice strict but fair and loving she was in the same book club as my mom was and they were best friends growing up. When I was 7 I was going through a rebel phase and didn't care what anyone had to say and stayed in my room all the time. I didn't listen to her to do the chorus and she let me have it and locked the door to my room so I had to sleep on the couch for a week but then she made sure I was comfortable and gave me a night kiss. The father Kenneally Farkas is a chief in a fine dining restaurant funny but not dad funny and not the sharpest knife in the block. He met my day at college dorm mates they didn't see eye to eye all the time but they got along. He was cooking dinner and I convent him that convinced him that I had a spider under the bowl (full of water) and to get the broom and pin it against the roof so I can get a piece of paper to trap it and I walked away. 10min later I here water hit the floor and he all wet the food was burnt and I cleaned the floor of all the water his son and daughter had kicked out of it too. Their son and daughter dolf and Rudi are twins the same age as me dolf 32min before Rudi and my best friends in the whole world. Dolf is funny caring hands on tough as nails and there for me when I need to talk to someone. Like I was being bullied at school because I had no parents and was overweight and he came out of nowhere and shut that shit down and help me lose all the weight down to a healthy weight. Now for Rudi, she is beautiful gorgeous stubborn daddy girl not the sharpest knife in the block like her father I wish I can tell her how much she means to me she is the reason I am still here to this day. I had it with failing out school the bullies anniversary of the death of my parents and how much I miss them and wishing that there were here. I was going to cut my wrist in the in the woods behind the house with a kitchen knife I took from the knife block tuck away in my pants. I was walking for 10mins and found this nice rock to sit on and started balling my eyes out the seam like hours and then I rolled up my sleeve ready the knife and I here don't do it! I turn around and see here run out from behind the trees I didn't see her fowling me and that's a good thing. She ran out and knocked the knife out of my hand squeeze me till I couldn't move and started to ball her eyes out. I caught my breath and ask her why you are crying? She said why are you doing this? Why are you going to kill your self? I told her and she asks if dolf knew I said she the only one who knew dolf only knowns about some of the bullyings she replied really. I nodded my head and she stopped crying. she started to tell me what life is good for why I shouldn't leave and I need to stop caring about what the other kids had to say about that only one who should care is you. I took a sec to on what she said but before I could process she grab me and kiss me for a good min. I think that's where I feet the love hit me for the first time I didn't feel sad anymore but happy. With my face beet red I look for the knife found it and gave it to her and said thank you thank you for caring enough to stop me then she said anytime bro but let's not make this a habit ok. I nodded my head and we walk back it was starting to get dark. we got back to the house and Kenneally is sitting there waiting for us to get back and nearly shit a brick. thank god that she said we throwing his knife at trees and she took it and dragged me along. Now for me Foxly wild right now I am working at a small diner that Kenneally friend owns and I want to be as good as Kenneally but you got to start somewhere. I am shy outgoing reckneck caring funny kind love sports and not the sharpest knife in the block too not very good at reading or writing but wrote this. AND that is my fursona backround

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