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Comment:"World's only sailor meerkat mechanic refrigerant tech."
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Occupation:Navy Machinist Mate, second class
"All Foxes Are":of the canis vulpes family.
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Discovered furry when I was 19, didn't do much of anything till around the age of 22-23. "The great collapse" happened. All of my friends that I've known since High school in one epic fight that I missed. Because I refused to take sides I was kicked out of both groups.

Enter furries. With little else to go I decided to seek out the Pittsburgh furs. I met a group of furs around my age and through several meets, parties, and eventually regular hang outs they fast became some of the closest friends I've ever had.

Life went on, I got married, joined the Navy at 24 and now reside in Ewa Beach, Hawai'i. I currently live in a furhouse with 3 other millitary furs called The Drunken Paw. If you're ever in paradise be sure to drop me a line and visit.

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