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Location:Ohioville/Industry, PA. USA. UPDATE: Currently living in the South Side of Pittsburgh while I'm in college.
Comment:"Remember kids catgirls are the gateway drug to being furry"
Hobbies:Video Games, Sports, Chilling
"All Foxes Are":foxes duh :P
Sexual Orientation:Bisexual
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Hello there. I'm Zizi just a random squirrel who loves the city of Pittsburgh. I grew up in the countryside of Beaver County until recently moving to the city for college. I'm fairly new to the furry fandom after finding out there was a fandom when I was about 16. I'm studying currently to be a paralegal and plan on someday going back to school to be a lawyer (maybe). Other than that I'm a total gear-head, and my past times include smoking (trying to quit, and failing) playing xbox and having quite the dirty mouth. Oh and I can be very random like all the time. I can't draw or make a fursuit (though it'd be awesome if I could), but I dabble in writing when I have the free time. Usually roaming the South Side of Pittsburgh and Station Square (where I go to school) so say whaddup if you see me around.

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