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Location:Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Comment:"Meow! >:3"
Hobbies:See my bio!
Species:Canis Lupus Arctos
Occupation:Liquor Store Clerk
"All Foxes Are":sluts.
Sexual Orientation:Bisexual
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Oh hai, I'm not boring nor shy but I am very unimaginative. Wink

Laser tag, paintball, haunted attractions, horror movies, horror games, ice skating, listening to LOUD music, hunting (I'm very skilled at gutting, skinning and butchering!), walking in the woods/hiking, sitting around a campfire, camping, driving in the snow before the streets are plowed, driving down twisty-turny back roads aimlessly, older cars, snow, ANYTHING that is related to winter, thunderstorms, lightning, taking pictures of lighting, wolves, cats, MORE cats, I really love cats and cooking (I am a very skilled cook and I will prove it to you too!)
Things I used to have interest in: Anime, guitar and role-playing.
Things I WANT to be interested in: Raising farm animals, gardening, drawing and exercizing.

Music Interests: Heavy metal, rock, minimal techo, select industrial and very, very few new music.

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