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Name:Malafeishius (View This User's Blog)
Location:Pittsburgh PA USA
Comment:"*crouches and watches a mouse ready to pounce*"
Hobbies:Art, Drawing, Video Games and Online Games, Music, Piercings, Tattoos, Animals (have 3 dogs 1 cat)
Species:Demon Snow Leopard
Occupation:(none given)
"All Foxes Are":cute as buttons !
Sexual Orientation:Gay
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Im a demon snow leopard I'm into anything art and music and i love to draw when im alone and can think lol
I play WoW
LOve anything zombie
Im into heavy metal and anything dark
Horror movies and anything sci fi
Im a huge geek >^.^<
In to piercings and tattoos and have many (have snow leopard spots from my head down my neck down back to my butt lol)
Looking for a friend i can be close with (other then my hubby of course lol) Dont really know anyone and would love to just hang out and get out of the house sometimes and interact with other people (specially ones that understand me and my fursonia)

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